Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ikaruga: Finally on Steam!

The Personal Computer gaming experience is finally complete with the arrival of Ikaruga by Treasure on Steam this morning. I was actually quite hungry from driving around town for the spouse's appointments but for a brief amount of time, my excitement for this game had made me forget my bodily needs. As you may know, Ikaruga is certainly one of my Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time and it looks like this release is the definitive version of the game with the re-imagined screen layout, an updated menu presentations, and noticeably cleaner visuals. I am disappointed however that a digital manual is not included. The only reason why that is important is because the game's storyline needs to be appreciated on top of the incredible gameplay. Those who don't know what Ikaruga is all about should definitely seek out the lore but at least the seemingly nonsensical texts that accompany each chapter are still there. Also missing is the online play that is available on the X-Box 360 version but since online play for this game is ridiculously broken because of lag, it's really meant to be played locally. I know that playing with another person in this game changes the whole gameplay dynamic and strategic approach, I am still hoping that one day I will find someone whom I can sit down and play this game with. No worries though, the game does feature online leaderboards, something that will keep me playing the game over and over again. I, of course, immediately got the game to show my undying support for Treasure. I certainly hope that they will release more games, new and old, on Steam. Start working on that Steam version of Radiant Silvergun please!

$9.99 is nothing compared to what this gesture means to PC gaming. Get it now!

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