Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dark Souls II: The Power of Hype

I liked Dark Souls on the PlayStation 3. I loved it and played it even more on the Personal Computer, despite needing to use a mod to improve its graphics. From Software has always been making weird games with highly complex and challenging mechanics but by some odd chance, the Demon's Souls series got really, really popular. Popular enough that the Collector's Edition for Dark Souls II that will be available for the console versions is priced at $119.99. Yes, you got it right. One hundred and twenty freaking dollars.

Worth the price? You got to be insane if you said yes.

You can check out the picture above to see what you get with the Collector's Edition: Display box? Cloth map? Art book? A cheap figurine? These things should cost you nothing more than the overpriced $59.99 that they would like to charge for the game in the first place. Seriously, are there really crazy people out there who would pay $120 for these things? Yes, unfortunately. Why did I even bother asking that question? And why is the PC download cost $49.99? You know it's a direct console port so $39.99 would have been a fair price for this game. I will give it to Namco Bandai though, they sure know how to milk something and turn it into a highly profitable venture. It does seem like every time they do it, they keep increasing the price higher and higher. I am sure soon we will see a Collector's Edition priced at beyond the $200 range from them because well, people keep buying these extravagantly priced things.

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