Thursday, February 13, 2014

Steam: Love Can Wait

You can probably tell from the previous post that I am still bitter about a lot of things and that I am still in the healing process of my psychological trauma. Well at least Steam made me feel a lot better today with their super manly, let love be damned weekend sales promotion:

This really makes me want to spend but... Only 50% off?

Now don't get it all twisted. I do love my spouse but when it comes to the gaming part of my life, something that is for the most part very separate from that, there is a lot of loneliness and depression to be found. I am getting better I believe but the whole League of Legends Valentine's Day cards thing did bring me down a notch... It's as if Valve knew that there are plenty of people out there who need a gaming fix that is not anywhere associated with sappy gooey love to celebrate tomorrow's smooch fest. Well, they could still do the whole love thing tomorrow but I have faith in you to keep the war theme going Steam!

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