Friday, March 29, 2013

Fortune for Missy

Oh no, is this starting to become a pattern? So I was playing a bunch of Proving Grounds blind matches on League of Legends for the Personal Computer using Miss Fortune. I have unlocked one of her alternate skins in the past but after using that skin so many times, I got a bit bored because she doesn't really look cool in it. So while in the character selection screen, I browsed her other alternate skins and unlocked the Road Warrior Miss Fortune skin on the spot!

That sexy turn. Miss Fortune belongs on land.

I suppose I was getting a bit sick of her nautical themed looks and as you may recall, I am getting pretty annoyed of everything pirates. The skin itself is one of the cheaper ones actually so I don't feel too bad about buying it at full price. Then again, I have played this truly free to play game more than any other games I have actually paid for in my life so spending a bit of cash on it is not bad at all.

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