Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wii Fit: The Revenge?

I have been bad when it comes to exercising these days and I am afraid that I am gaining some weight again. You know what that means... It's time to start playing Yourself!Fitness on the X-Box again! Not! No, not this time. After a long period of being away from a healthy physical routine, it is usually very hard for me to get into the routine so I am going to take a bit of a different approach this time. Sure, Yourself!Fitness really works but it is also quite challenging. So I am going to ease myself into things by playing Wii Fit first. Yes... Wii Fit. That really horrible exercise program can be beneficial in this situation I think. We shall see when I start my Wii Fit routine soon...

Hidden in shame... Will it repent for its sins?

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