Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Doesn't Work in the PC Realm...

I received the following marketing material from Microsoft today that is trying to trick to me into thinking that the X-Box side of Windows 8 exclusively brings with it a plethora of fun and never-ending entertainment to me:

Really? Wow, I can get all these things on my Personal Computer now?

So unless you have not used a computer in your life, the people at Microsoft must know that this kind of lie will not fly with PC users? Access to music, film, and yes, even games are already running rampant from a lot of sources, some of those sources being a lot better than "Xbox on Windows 8" could provide. Sure, you can sell to console exclusive users aka the real modern zombies, that they can only get these things conveniently by using the X-Box 360 and paying money for things that they can access for free on the PC, but to make a bold claim that this service, which is of course free on the PC unbeknownst to those zombies I mentioned before, "makes entertainment more amazing?". Surely, the marketing people at Microsoft don't know what they are doing... If you really want me to be impressed with this Windows 8 Pro that I have finally installed on my PC, start allowing me to play real X-Box and X-Box 360 games on it. If you want me to support you even more, commit to PC gaming and become rich like Valve.

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