Monday, March 18, 2013

PC Gamers Win Again with... SimCity?

A friend of mine recently granted me access to the new SimCity by Maxis for the Personal Computer and I have been playing the game since this weekend. We didn't get to experience the fun of the game's launch troubles though when we first started, I couldn't even get on a North America server so I had to play on the South America server for a day and a half. A lot of disgusting things have been said about the game and its online only gameplay design and that frustration is understandable but the game is actually not that bad. It's pretty fun and addictive. I haven't played the game with utter strangers and I do still pretty much limit the game room to myself and my friend. We shall see if the game's focus on multiple cities inter-dependencies will overwhelm two players trying to manage several cities at once. Electronic Arts and Maxis know that they messed up with the game's initial server blunders and persistent issues so they are offering a free game to those who register their copy of SimCity by the 25th of this month! The game selection, though littered with big and new titles, are not expansive enough however but at least I was able to take advantage of it:

You got to give EA some credit.
Blizzard didn't offer us anything for that disastrous Diablo III launch.

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