Thursday, March 7, 2013

Is That You, Karma?

I love playing as a support in League of Legends for the Personal Computer. Soraka is always my number one favorite. The second? That would be Janna and the third? It's Karma baby! Karma before even Leona! What I love the most about Karma is her harass potential with her Spirit Bond ability. Just think about it... It's a 5 seconds slow to enemies and haste to allies. That's 5 seconds of unrelenting, pure abuse. I love maxing Spirit Bond first and foremost for a really fun time. Building her tanky allows her to be all over the opponent's face, causing major disturbances as you can see from one of my recorded plays. Karma has always been a fun champion for me but apparently, Riot Games hasn't been happy with her and they are going to make major adjustments to her gameplay, lore, and character model! You can check out the detailed announcement by clicking here. I am very excited about this. I personally never have a complaint about her play style because I am able to make her work just fine but the improved visual design is quite delightful! Oh, and those who have unlocked Karma before this rework is launched will also get a free skin? What a good karma eh?

The new Karma... Now looking rather god-like.

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