Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fit vs. Fat: Real Man Combat

I almost broke my arm as I was reaching out to extract the large and surprisingly heavy Wii Fit box from the high shelf of my walk-in closet turned Game Treasury. "Oh my galaxy, I am in desperate need of a good workout," I said myself as I placed the box down on the carpet. I had been delaying this reunion long enough and I was glad that it finally happened. The box was still in perfect condition, as if brand new and I opened it very carefully and pulled out the Balance Board stored within. The board still had my footprints all over it. I went to the bathroom quickly to grab some paper towels and with much futility, the stain stayed despite my meticulous scrubbing. Then, a thought crossed me mind: "Oh well, it's going to get dirty again anyway by the time I am done this thing." I picked the Balance Board up and placed it at the center of my Game Room. Things are about to get ugly in here as the battle will begin... this very evening!

Will it squeeze all the blood, sweat, and tears out of me? I'm scared to go back to Maya!

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