Monday, March 25, 2013

Wii Fit Plus: Minus Health

You may have noticed in the previous Daily Game Log that I have stopped using the Wii Fit Plus for the Nintendo Wii suddenly in the middle of the week. No, this is not an indication that I have abandoned my goal of staying fit nor is it a revelation that the Wii Fit Plus is not working - in regards to the latter, the program was able to actually shed around 4 pounds off me already. I actually had to stop due to injury from using Wii Fit Plus. You see, I had pull my left shoulder muscle and when I noticed the pain the first time, I didn't stop and I still worked out the next day. After that session, whenever I move any of my arms, I would be in a lot of pain. That lasted several days. Then, the stomach flu that I had from a couple of weeks ago came back with a vengeance and I was left rather helpless. I am still recovering at the moment but hopefully I am close to a full recovery. When that happens, back to Wii Fit Plus I go!

It is more likely that I would give up on the yawn-fest Ni no Kuni than the Wii Fit Plus...

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