Friday, February 22, 2013

Even My Hun is Doing It

I got a very interesting home project to complete this week! I am tasked to hook up the rogue computer we have in the hallway on the second floor to the 56" DLP my spouse uses in the living room. Previously, this is the computer that we would allow visiting family members to use but then I stopped that "public access" when I discovered the nasty viruses left behind that almost crippled the poor thing! Apparently, after seeing the crazy things I could do with the PC and the big screen displays all these years, particularly the freedom of watching Hulu and other web shows, the spouse is finally convinced and is now excited about the prospect of accessing the computer for Internet fun in the living room without going to our second floor office. In case you were born in the 1800s, the modern PC can be connected to modern displays for quite some time now and it doesn't require you to time travel nor does it require a Steam Box - Valve, stop wasting your time making one of those, just continue building on that Big Picture Mode. I hope to be able to get everything ready for the spouse by the end of the week. What are you waiting for? Hook up that darn PC to your HDTV and experience awesome PC gaming on the big screen already!

Would you allow me to upgrade the OS from Vista to 7 hun?

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