Friday, February 8, 2013

Final Fantasy XIII Rerun

I have finally built up enough courage to play Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3 again. As you may already know, I played the game a while back and almost got so close to the end when my PS3 unit suddenly died, taking the save file with it. It's always hard to replay a Japanese role playing game because they are normally a one play-through deal but I do love FFXIII story and even though I already started playing its sequel - the one that I couldn't finish as I returned it early when I was giving GameFly another shot - I feel strongly about replaying XIII from the beginning. I am broadcasting my play-through on my channel so feel free to stop by to give me a much needed words of encouragement to keep going until the end! In other news...

The spouse finally got us a SodaStream. Oh yum!

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