Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cass Skin Shedding Action

After playing a lengthy session of League of Legends on the Personal Computer tonight, I was trying to decide on the next game to play when suddenly I heard some crazy loud noise from my screen. I thought maybe a web ad had popped up because I was also doing some Internet browsing but then I realized that it actually sounded like a firecracker. When I looked at my LoL client, I saw this:


I was so excited of course because that Jade Fang Cassiopeia skin is pretty darn hot! LoL is having a Chinese New Year inspired celebration at the moment and with that, a number of new Chinese inspired champion skins have just been released and that Jade Fang Cass is one of them! We were playing some ranked games tonight and we didn't have much success but of course, that didn't bother me so much. The only thing that bothers me in this game are rude people but of course, this is a very generous, friendly gesture from my fellow summoner Lady Gogo. I'm going to join a blind pick Proving Grounds and use the skin tonight!

The only champion I have with 3 alternate skins!

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