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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sony Softening the Death Blow

With the violent early destruction of everything we love about the PlayStation 3 that would come from the suspected announcement of a new console by Sony tomorrow, Sony actually had the nerve bribing us to be on their side! That's right, I was happily playing Final Fantasy XIII on my PS3 tonight when all of a sudden, a message came from Sony thanking me for being a loyal PlayStation Network fan and with it, included a voucher for $10 PSN Store credit. I like getting free games, no doubt about that, but we all know that this is not about honoring the support that we have given Sony for the PS3 itself. It's just a pitiful attempt to justify them killing off the PS3 early if they decided to move on with the unveiling of the new console. How disgusting...

We are about ready to kill off the console. Here's $10 for your troubles!


Chalgyr Vokel said...

I've been reading about those today - no idea if I got that message yet or not, but it would certainly be welcome. I suspect the ps3 won't 'die' really - not when you consider the PSP still gets releases and the PS2 had releases for over 10 years. Honestly, the game publishers are pushing this console generation along faster than Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. You have developers like Ubisoft saying that these consoles should have come out 2 years ago and that the big three nearly ruined the gaming industry by not following a 5 year or shorter cycle (not something I agree with, just something I've been seeing devs say more frequently of late)

Loner Gamer said...

What should have come out 2 years ago (and continuously) are more great games, not new consoles. Ubisoft makes me laugh. There is no doubt that they have some creative people on their team but they always have something ridiculous to say. They were the ones who were so gung-ho about that previously exclusive Wii U Rayman before stabbing Nintendo in the back saying that console exclusivity is dead. They even tried some awful DRM on the PC that backfired on them. I take anything they say with a grain of salt. New consoles don't make good games. Good developers make good games continuously and push the tech given to them - something that only happens in 1% of the games we see on these current consoles.

Sure, PS3 games are going to still be produced but we are talking about the primary focus here. The focus should still be on the PS3. I was talking to a friend last night and we agreed that if these consoles are like PC where with each OS/hardware upgrade have support for backward compatibility of all the games we have purchased previously for them, we would be all over them. But they are just replacements that leave everything else behind... So that they can resell games that we already have on previous consoles. Just so tired of it.

Loner Gamer said...

Here's something fun I'd like to add in regards to the whole thing about how the gaming industry was "nearly ruined" (gosh, not even close - bad games ruined those developers' finances really) because the new consoles don't come fast enough. And let's not forget that Valve is making tons of money... Uplay didn't fly and Ubisoft is jealous? I'll just focus on the PS3.

Let's name ridiculously beautiful looking PS3 games that really pushed the tech of the system. Hmmm, that would be the Uncharted series, Heavenly Sword, and Final Fantasy XIII. And I believe that the system is even capable of more than what those games showcased. Now, did the other developers even made any attempt to make their games as technically demanding as these titles? The answer? No. And they want new consoles for what reason? If a developer is complaining that they need new consoles to allow them to make better games, that developer would be lying. They need to hire more creative people and not demand new tech that they will hardly take advantage of.