Friday, February 15, 2013

So Tired of New Consoles

It is believed that Sony will shamelessly reveal their new console on the 20th of this month before the PlayStation 3 itself could even be utilized to its maxed potential. As I have laid out in details before, I am so tired of it all. So when I saw Sony advertised the announcement on Twitter, I just couldn't help myself.

My view of the future is certainly a more positive and a brighter one.


Chalgyr Vokel said...

Haha - I do agree that this generation still packs enough technical punch that this next gen is probably not needed. I am excited to see what's coming, but a bit wary as well. This is the generation of gaming I have been most heavily invested in to date.

My guess is that like the PS1, PS2 and PSP, a fair number of devs will continue to support the console (a lot of the Japanese ones in particular seem to support with RPGs and the like) - but I have been listening to devs like Ubisoft whining for several months now about how the current cycle of consoles has dragged on too long and nearly killed the video game industry. I suspect publishers are really driving this next generation of consoles based on what I've been reading.

Loner Gamer said...

If there was anything that could remotely lead to the near death of the game industry - that's a funny idea, especially coming from Ubisoft - is that developers are not making enough quality games and not the availability of new consoles where developers would actually have to spend more to get games out... Once the new consoles come out, we'll get more low quality games - oh that's going to help the game industry for sure.