Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Tester 3: Tested and Failed

So apparently, the third season of Sony's The Tester 3 has kicked off. I don't like the concept of this stupid game show - you know it's really not about video games - and the only time that I watched it was during last season because I was trying to win myself some hot prizes. No, this show is not about video gaming credibility. It's a popularity contest, a survival horror, and it's annoyingly casted (as in meticulously planted) with different gaming persona stereotypes in that attempt that you may be able to associate yourself with one of these contestants - I tried last time and I couldn't. We can see right through you Sony. And the winner? Well, yeah, they get to be a... tester? Isn't it a bit inconsistent of you to use this long "interview" process to hire an associate when others get through fine just via professional means? The Tester is juvenile, stupid, and desperate. Don't believe me? Well, they have resorted to cockroaches... You know that it's really, really, really bad when you have to use cockroaches:

Are we filming a new Saw movie? Oh this is the new Fear Factor? I am confused.

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