Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Real Skyrim is Here?

Today, Bethesda software has released the official creation kit for the Personal Computer version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - the Steam Workshop is going to make this such a big deal because it is going to be very easy and convenient for us to download all the new mods and contents - and with it, they added a nice surprise: a free high resolution texture pack! I'm glad that I wasn't driving when I learned of that because I would have smashed right into a tree. I have been very harsh on this game when it comes to the graphics for the PC version because even though it looks better than the console releases, it is just not fully optimized on the platform. It's better late than never though preferably, it should have been a given at launch but still, if things are much improved graphically after this patch, I will finally be able to forgive Bethesda for their laziness because as we all know, if they only had to worry about the PC version of the game, Skyrim would have been a completely different beast. The pack is 3+GB and I will report on its visual impact later on today.

Thank you for wanting to correct your mistakes.

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