Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our New Family Member

For a long while, the spouse and I used to argue over getting a dog or a cat for our household. It doesn't help that we were both quite partial to each animal, the spouse is a dog person while I am more of a cat person. I don't have any problems with dogs though and of course that becomes a loophole when it comes to the process of compromising. We both had a long discussion over the idea of adopting a dog over the President's Day weekend and on Saturday, we even went to a local pet shelter to look at both the cats and dogs that they have available for adoption. We were quite surprised that the both of us actually fell in love with "Jennifer", a 2 year old Chihuahua Mix. We both have been looking at so many different dogs over the years and we could never come to a consensus before. We left that day empty handed because we wanted to make sure that we were ready to commit. It would probably be easier for me at least to adopt a cat because they are so independent thus cat care takes less responsibility.

You can say goodbye to the shelter sweetie, because you are coming home with us!

Well, by Monday, we both decided that we were definitely ready. It was actually quite scary when we went to the pet shelter today because we were afraid that someone else already snatched Jennifer up. Thus, we got there early - we both have the day off - and as soon as we submitted the application in, the couple who stood in line behind us actually wanted to adopt her as well. Yikes, now that was close. We were able to take her home after all the paperwork was done.

The spoiling begins?

This is a new adventure for me because I never own a dog before. I used to have quite a number of cats, but no dogs. The spouse went through 3 dogs growing up so at least I have some point of reference here. So far, Jennifer has been such a darling and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. She's a quiet little thing and is very, very shy. It looks like she is more attached to me than the spouse, which I found to be a bit surprising. We love everything about her except of course for that name and we have both agreed to call her "Yoshi" instead. To me, I can associate with that name because of its video game reference and the spouse likes the name because of its reference to one of our dinner dates at a sushi restaurant - it's a long story. Well, Yoshi, welcome to the family. You know that we will be showering you with a lot of love. Not only that, you also gain full access to my Game Room! Exciting isn't it?

Hm, I don't think Yoshi is interested in gaming whatsoever.

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