Friday, February 3, 2012

My Life as a Queen

I have been experimenting with range physical damage dealers in League of Legends for the Personal Computer recently, taking a much needed break from my usual support/horror/fear Soraka. It's not that I have not played them before but I like being the passive aggressive in the team instead of being the main damage dealer. I started off playing LoL as a DPS Teemo for a very long time and then I revisited that role as Miss Fortune when she was introduced to the roster in 2010 and then as Caitlyn when she arrived later in early 2011. My favorite in this recent experimentation has to be Ashe, the Frost Archer. Her ultimate, where she fires a large arrow that can fly across the entire map is a really fun ability, especially when it hits the target after travelling from a very long distance. And what luck! One of her skins is on sale at the moment so I decided to go ahead and unlock it since I will be playing her more often now.

So very regal. But Ashe, please don't say that you
married that brute Tryndamere only for political reasons...

Bow down before your Queen wife! Yes, make both of those arms equally strong Tryn!

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