Sunday, February 5, 2012

StreetPass Tag Excitement!

I was beginning to accept the notion that no one else in Northern California, or at least the city that I reside in, carry their Nintendo 3DS around with them. I try to everywhere I go and this activity is further encouraged by the hard case I got for the handheld not too long ago. Well, I was caught by surprise this morning when I unzipped the hard case and saw the flashing green light on my 3DS. The notification stated that I finally got my first Mii Plaza StreetPass tag! And the fun didn't just stop there, it ended up being two of them actually.

That took like what, almost two months?

Here's the funny thing about this: the notification stated that I received these tags around 5pm yesterday. Now, I have taken my 3DS to the airport, to fancy restaurants, as well as the electronic stores so who would have guessed that I would be able to get the tags from... a Bell Air supermarket. I guess I will be accompanying you in your grocery shopping more often from now on hun.

The little conversations between the Miis are so cute.

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