Friday, January 13, 2012

Uplay Getting a Nose Job?

Ah, Ubisoft's Uplay service, the poorly received form of extreme digital rights management that just cannot compare to Valve's Steam or even Electronic Art's nasty Origin. For me, I rather just access Steam for all my digital game purchases but of course they always try to mess that up. Well, Ubisoft has soften up their control somewhat over the years and a good example of that is Assassin's Creed II itself where now, you can access the game without even logging on to the Uplay service because the Uplay client has been equipped with an offline mode. I applause them for finally treating their customers with respect and even though I still dislike the fact that Ubisoft games that I will get from Steam in the future will always get a double DRM, I know that it is unavoidable. Competition is always a good thing I suppose. Ubisoft really wants to make Uplay more attractive by introducing a new avatar system for the client to see if they could convince people to actually log onto the service whenever they play a Uplay infested game - I do think most people are already willing to do it just to register their achievements though.

Ubisoft wanting to take the service to the next level.

The cool thing about the new avatar system is that you can create a boy as well as a girl version of yourself where you can switch back and forth between the two at your discretion - I guess this is for those situations when you want to pretend to be the opposite sex to gain some sort of favor from unsuspecting online friends. On top of this, you can also choose a hero avatar that you can switch to and these are filled with popular characters from the Ubisoft universe. I am really digging this whole thing but the problem here is that there are very limited options when it comes to the avatar customizations. I wished that were to be the case for the hero avatars only since these avatars are supposed to be true to their in-game counterparts. You can't even choose a body type! The avatars are also not in real 3D like those on X-Box LIVE but you can change the pose to at least make him or her look kind of cool. I have a feeling that they may be charging real money to further customize the avatar in the near future. I think we should be able to buy new accessories using the units you earn from unlocking achievements. Still, this avatar thing is a nice thing to have with the service, since we are going to be stuck using it when want to play a new Ubisoft game... even if they don't have a nose for some weird reason.

Because I carry a giant scimitar with me all the time in real life (in my pants)!

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