Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arkham City's Double Orgasm?

I think I may have found the ultimate game for achievement and trophy whores out there and it is called the Steam version of Batman: Arkham City. When the game was first announced on Steam for pre-order, I noticed back then that it would use both Steamworks that features Steam achievements plus the Game for Windows LIVE service. I was very curious back then to the way that this setup would work and since there exists a non-Steam version for the Personal Computer release, I had a feeling that the game will feature some sort of linked achievements between the two services similar to the one seen when playing Portal 2 on the PlayStation 3 with an active Steam account. Well, now that I have played through the early part of the game, I can tell you that Steam players do indeed get double achievements unlocked where one goes to the LIVE profile while the other goes to the Steam profile. This is of course, not a big deal for me whatsoever but I think that achievement whores would have twitched about in ecstasy every time it happens because two "achievement unlocked" boxes popped up on the screen simultaneously when the achievement criteria is met. I know that chie/phie whores love seeing that task unlocked icon and I am sure that seeing these double boxes would push their whole obsession with these things into the realm of pure psycho-sexual pleasure. I think game developers should start working on coupling LIVE/PlayStation Network games with Steam a lot more, ensure that the double boxes would appear, and publicize the whole double achievement thing. I bet it would make them a lot of money.

Double achievements?! Darn, I need to change my pants again!

Note on the screenshot above: Unfortunately, due to the way that the Steam layout works, I am unable to capture both achivements popping up on the screen because the Steam achievement would not appear on the actual screenshot and the game doesn't like the screenprint key at all. The icon at the bottom right is pasted there just to give you an idea on how it looks like when it happens. The pop-up at the top right hand corner is of course very real.

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