Friday, January 20, 2012

3DS Getting Hard

I just received my Hard Pouch by Hori that is compatible with all of Nintendo's recent dual screen models. Usually, I am not big on optional gaming accessories but with my recent interest in raking up Play Coins for the Nintendo 3DS, all of a sudden I feel the need to have some sort of protective sleeve for the system. The idea of having my 3DS scratched up as I take it in and out of my jacket pocket or as I take it on and off surfaces of varying textures scares me. After what happened to my PlayStation Portable that one hot summer day back in 2010, I am not taking anymore chances.

It's hard and sexy.

Though not made to protect the 3DS from a violent impact, this sleek little pouch has a solid build that will ensure that no outside sources will hurt your precious thanks to its hardened outer casing. The inside of the pouch is actually a little larger than the 3DS itself. Still, I don't see any possibility of friction damage because the looseness of it is very slight. I do like that there is a soft partition to cover the top of your system and this further separate the space where you can fit 3 game cartridges and a stylus from the system itself. The only problem with this thing is that it's too big to put into your pants pocket, so it is meant to be held in your hand or tucked neatly away in your jacket's pocket. It is a cheap solution for those who like to take their system out often. As for me, it's just a good thing to have so that I can quickly move the 3DS around without worrying that I might accidentally bump the system against something in that regretful and unwanted fashion.

RATING: 4 out of 5

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