Friday, January 27, 2012 - Tell Me Something I Didn't Know

I received an interesting email from today. Well, it's more funny than it is interesting. Apparently, they want people to access the free Internet radio service more than just merely accessing it via the X-Box 360 which by the way, forces you to pay for a Gold subscription to be able to connect to it:

Oh really? And why is it free to access outside of the 360 I wonder?

While I was on LIVE Gold, I had probably used a couple of times. I use my 360 to play games, not to just leave it on to play music, I could do that easily on my Personal Computer... Perhaps the more important question to ponder when it comes to this email however is whether Microsoft is upset about reaching out to the 360 users in this fashion. I know for certain that there are people out there who are so sheltered that they think that is a miracle that only the 360 could provide. Now that the cover's blown to these folks, perhaps Microsoft will allow free access to the frivolous things on the 360? Nah, they are too greedy to allow that to happen.


Chalgyr Vokel said...

Kind of funny - I had noticed the same thing. In a post on my blog awhile back, I grumbled about how you already pay for the Xbox Live Gold (which, despite my grumbling, I re-up for almost every year), but then their services want you to pay extra on top of it.

Loner Gamer said...

I agree, all of the paid services should have been covered by the Gold membership fee but just having to pay Gold to access them in the first place just doesn't make much sense to me.