Sunday, January 15, 2012

Best iOS Game Thus Far!

So I may be new to the whole iOS gaming scene but I know a magnificent game when I stumble into one, especially when I keep on playing it mercilessly for hours on end. Last night, I played this game until I actually got dizzy and my eyes were so dry and tired that I felt that they were going to pop out of my skull. The last time I felt this way was when I played the original PlayStation's Valkyrie Profile. What iOS game could have such an impact on yours truly? Well, it's Kairosoft's Game Dev Story that was originally released in 2010!

Wouldn't you want to play that game?

This game developer simulator is deceivingly simple to play but unbelievably addictive and ridiculously epic, featuring direct references to both the culture and history of the real life gaming industry. You basically have to manage your game company by hiring staff members to actually planning out and developing games for multiple platforms of your choice in the ever evolving gaming industry. The success of your game creation is depended upon the talents you have under your wings as well as how much money you are willing to spend in the development process for things like hiring outside help to advertising fees. You can hire and fire your employees as well as level them up. Though the game is light in the scope of its micro-management, it provides you with an addicting rhythm once you are able to get good control of your finances and start pumping out one game after another.  The most intriguing thing about GDS is that you actually don't see the games that you are making for you only know them by the game type and genre as well as the name you have given them. Still, that doesn't stop you from gaining absolute satisfaction concocting strange games limited only to your own imagination. Once a game is released, you get to see how it is reviewed by the critics and the number of units you are able to sell.

The Lonely Gaming team hard at work.

For a game that have make you look primarily at plain text and a static view of your gaming office, except when you are attending award shows and gaming conventions, the way Kairosoft is able to appeal to your gaming sensibility is just absolutely miraculous. You can definitely see that game that you are making in your own head and all that excitement as well as the disappointment you received as a direct result of your creation becomes a motivator for you to keep playing. You want to make bigger and better games for the public and you will work tirelessly to get there, in-game and out. I am surprised that they haven't released the HD remake of GDS but even in its horrendously ugly pixelated glory when played at 2x on my iPad, the game's overall charm triumphed in the end. The game is also available on Android so don't miss out on it!

With just a little bit of imagination, you too can have a lot of fun with this game.


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