Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Pretty Skin: A Close Call

With the arrival of Chinese New Year on the horizon, represented in the game world as "Lunar Revel" celebrated by Valorans, Riot Games has decided to release several Chinese-inspired skins for the lucky four champions of League of Legends on the Personal Computer. These skins are quite beautiful and I was very, very tempted to actually get that Guqin Sona so very badly. I have only purchased skins when they were on sale but I really thought that this one was worth getting immediately. It is being sold for 975 Riot Points which equal $7.50. It's not that bad but I am going to hold off on it at the moment. Good job though Riot! The quality of these skins are improving with each release.

Best of the bunch but I bet a lot of people are crazy about the new "Strider" Talon.

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