Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No Thanks Sony! Vita is Vile

After seeing the memory card pricing setup for Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita, I am through. I am not excited about this new handheld anymore. I mean, seriously, $120 for the highest capacity unit of 32GB. That is just sad. For a handheld that is supposed to thrive off the PlayStation Network Store, we need at least 1TB and not having any memory space in the handheld out of the box is just plain criminal. Sure you can always just stick to buying the physical games but then I should just be happy making my purchases of the PlayStation 3 version of the Vita games that were supposedly be linked up between the two devices. As with the Nintendo 3DS - still waiting for that inevitable dual-stick model - I will not be jumping on the Vita bandwagon immediately. I am sure that a year down the line, as the Vita struggles to keep up with the 3DS, they will eventually release a Vita that has a large internal memory in addition to any memory card (propriety or preferably otherwise) you add to the system. That would be my Vita of choice, not this incomplete, over expensive launch model.

I think I will just stick with the PS3 for a long while. I smell a fail on the horizon.

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