Friday, November 25, 2011

LoL: I Am Playing This Game Too Much

Riot Games recently released an interesting infographic in regards to its League of Legends subscriber base and that made me reflect upon the amount of time that I have spent playing this game myself. The game has been occupying the number one spot of the most played games for a long while now and I am pretty certain that I have spent more time on this game than all other games I have played before combined. Let's just make an estimation on how many hours I have spent playing LoL, shall we?

The result screen from the last game I played before writing this article.

Bear in mind that this calculation only includes the normal solo queue. I have played a number of ranked matches alongside the smaller 3 versus 3 maps and the new Dominion map. At this point, I have 998 wins and 954 loses. So that is 1,952 matches that I have participated in. A match averages around 30 minutes - though they mostly go a lot longer than that. So 1,952 x 30 minutes = 58,560 minutes, which equals 976 hours. Yes, I have clocked in around 1,000 hours playing LoL. That is just epic. But I just remember: I did play Final Fantasy XI Online and World of Warcraft for several years respectively so perhaps LoL cannot claim the title of my most played game just yet.

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