Friday, November 18, 2011

It Ain't Skyrim but It's So Thug!

It's getting harder and harder to keep myself away from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ever since it was released just a week ago. A number of my Steam friends are playing it and from what I have gathered from them, the game is well-optimized for play on the Personal Computer. I asked one to even post some screenshots for me and they look pretty good. The fact that a couple of impressive graphical mods are already out to clean up the game's graphics also made the game extremely attractive to me. Also, I do feel somewhat guilty about my bad impression of the game prior to its release but that $59.99 price tag for just one game is just such a hard thing to justify. My only hope is that perhaps I may receive the game as a birthday gift this month but since I don't celebrate my birthdays, the chances of that happening is rather slim.

Thankfully, I am finally able to really get into Fallout: New Vegas again. At first, I was afraid that I might get bored of having to go through the starting area again after I lost my save file but I didn't. It also helps that I was extremely encouraged to get deep into the game after discovering that one of my friends has actually clocked in an impressive 174.4 hours into New Vegas!  Additionally, I have started playing another open world game, Saints Row: The Third on my PC. This game has one of the most exciting prologues ever that must be played to be believed. It is really hard to stop playing the game after going through how ridiculously epic that whole thing was. I really like the lite role playing progression system too that allows you to improve your character, vehicle, and gang as you level up. The game's character creation is fun to mess around with and since this game is so tongue in cheek, I have decided to make my character dress silly and that involves making him look like a cowboy without pants who is also wearing high heels.

How to look sexy and dangerous (as well as silly) at the same time.

The real kicker here is that I decided to use one of the female voice options for his vocal representation. This often creates a major confusion for me whenever my character is talking to another female character because my brain just couldn't make the connection between the manly (well, kind of) character and his soft female voice. It is safe to say that I will be able to occupy myself while I wait for Skyrim to drop down in price. But for how long?

Darling Clementine strutting his stuff. I think I heard a whistle!

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Kelli said...

sexy! ;)

I went and bought the double pack with saints row and saints row 2 just to get a little taste, and now after playing a few minutes of the first one I can't wait to play the third one.