Friday, November 11, 2011

Steam Forum Hacker Get!

The Steam forum page has been down ever since some strange messages appeared on it several days ago. I haven't visited the forums since that incident until now and I saw the following official announcement from Valve:

It is apparent for a while now that our information is really not safe anywhere on the Internet because those hackers out there are really very insistent and truly clever when it comes to bypassing database security. The bad news here is of course it never feels good to know that people are rummaging through your personal information but they do that all the time anyway without us noticing. The good news here is that the forum information is separate from the actual Steam account information unless you use the same user name and password to access the two. Still, if anyone is trying to log in to your Steam account from another computer, they would have to get the confirmation code from your email anyway so unless they somehow obtain your email address and password, it's hard for others to do much with trying to gain access to your Steam games but those things are probably the last things these hackers were interested to gain in the first place. Though the damage here, at least at this early stage of investigation, isn't anywhere near the catastrophic Sony intrusion, perhaps Valve would be offering some sweet compensation for all the users in the way of free games or an "Intrusion Detection" discount in the spirit of the recent asteroid-inspired promotion. Do it, Valve!

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