Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Taste of the Culdcept

I was finally able to convince my friend to play some Culdcept Saga with me last night and it was... beyond delicious. I have not played the game for such a long time and now I am reminded of how incredible this game is and why it deserves to hold a spot in my Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time. Playing the game again felt like the I just had my first kiss, and that I had just fallen in love for the very first time... It's a deeply magical, uncontrollably orgasmic feeling. Culdcept Saga, how I have abandoned you. If there was one game that can make me subscribe to X-Box LIVE Gold again, it would be this game. And no, I am not looking for elitist competitors to play this game with me. I am looking for a friend who enjoys the game as much as I do. A friend who would like to experience the game for the sake of fun. I felt bad last night because I couldn't find the option to use a randomized book to play against my friend - I spent 5 minutes looking for it, I have been away from the game for way too long - but he said he didn't mind. I told him that if we were to play this game more often, I'd subscribe back to Gold. We will see how this is going to develop. I know he just did it just to be nice and not necessary because he is as obsessed with the game as I am. But man, Culdcept Saga is such an incredible game.

The last shining beacon of hope for LIVE Gold...

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