Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Truth About Special Editions

The spouse asked me why I didn't choose the "Special Edition" of Otomedius Excellent and got the regular release that was priced at $29.99 while we were at the store to pick up that game last Sunday. My response was simple: a) it's a $20 cheaper, and b) my perception has changed over the years in regards to the "premium special release" (or let's refer it as PSR for short) editions of games. Looking back over my video gaming history, it is very safe to say that whenever I get a PSR game, the excitement would normally last less than a day and after viewing all the special contents included in the package once, I normally don't look at them again, like ever. Nor do I even have the interest of going back to gloat over them.

What has always been important is the actual game itself and all the extra materials really don't add to much. The only PSR item that I actually gets infused into my daily life is the Vault Boy bobblehead that I got with Fallout 3 on the Personal Computer because it would be sitting on the armrest of my futon so that I could see it move whenever I take a seat. Of course this doesn't mean that I don't like video gaming memorabilia, it's just that game developers should only release one edition of the games they are selling so that extra physical materials packaged with those games become more of a standard. The way that the PSRs are usually priced do make them go over that budget commitment I have agreed upon recently anyway so this revelation fits well with that personal scheme. Perhaps I am just so into digital distribution so much these days that I really don't see the value in physical products anymore. PSR materials are sometimes pretty but too quickly, they become forgettable. And they take up so much space too and I'd like to leave whatever available space I have for freebie gaming items, like the new Sensu Japanese Folding Fan I just got from Club Nintendo. Sure I wish I waited to order that one though because I rather get the new Classic Super Mario T-Shirt reward...

The Nintendo fan.

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