Sunday, November 27, 2011

My First Game Trade on Steam

A friend of mine had asked for me to get Bulletstorm on Steam for him from the Autumn Sale as a trade because of the regional difference in the pricing for the game. Apparently, it is still expensive in Europe while it is only $9.99 here in North America. I asked him to get Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga for me as an exchange and this is my first time ever using Steam's excellent trading feature. Basically, the game must be purchased as a gift to be saved in your inventory. We then both went into the trade screen and presented the items that we have for trade. It was simple and convenient though there was a rather lengthy wait time involved for the transaction to be completed after both partied agreed to the trade. What I really love the most about this feature is that after you have received the game, it is not automatically linked to your library. Instead, it remains in gift form, which means that you may choose to just keep the game in your inventory to be gifted or traded again in the future. If not, you can always link the game to your library. Awesome stuff!

Digital game trading is the way of the future.

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