Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LoL: Fun with New Mastery Talents

It's an exciting day for League of Legends players as Riot Games releases a really cute but deadly champion, Fizz - really loving that shark ultimate, as well as changes to the summoner spells you can bring into battle. More important however is the new Masteries redesign that features some truly clever changes. They are still pretty easy to figure out because the 3 trees are still separated by the type of role you want to play but the amount of statistical improvements you can now get from focusing on one mastery tree is just staggering. I really, really like how they stack a bunch of summoner spell improvements with just one skill point and that "Sage" mastery under Utility that grants bonus experience per assist? My Soraka will truly appreciate that. The new "Surge" summoner spell is really scaring me though... 35% attack speed and up to 70 ability power for 12 seconds? People are going to be dropping... fast! Overall, I do appreciate Riot's attempt to change up the game and make things continuously fresh for LoL. Still haven't played the game? What are you waiting for? Please click here to sign up for your free summoner account. The game is 100% free to play, guaranteed! It's so good that you will feel guilty not paying for the game, which you could remedy by opting to buy alternate champion skins - that's how they make their money folks. If you are okay with default skins, then you don't have to spend anything.

The little pictures look a lot more attractive too.

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