Monday, October 10, 2011

THAT Desperate for an Exclusive?

I have been playing a bunch of PlayStation 3 games recently, with Dark Souls and Bleach: Soul Resurrección occupying most of my gaming time these days. I mentioned last week that I wanted to give my Nintendo Wii with a much needed workout in the form of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World but that hasn't worked out as planned though I have not given up on the idea as well as the actual game. Today, while I was ejecting the Dark Soul game disc out of my PS3 console, I noticed the following screen:

Apparently the indie-strategy game Eufloria is now available on the PlayStation Network Store but the most intriguing part for me is the "Only on PSN" stamp that Sony proudly advertised for the game. When I saw that exclusivity claim, I knew that the game was previously released on the Personal Computer, so I did a little digging on Steam and found the store page for the title:

Pay special attention to the game's release date on the PC: October 20th, 2009! So not only  was that exclusivity claim invalid, the fact that Sony is putting too much time celebrating this game's release despite it being a rather dated title made it seem like Sony was desperate to show some exclusive titles on the PSN. If they really want to offer something unique in that "Only On PlayStation" and "It Only Does Everything" level, how about releasing that patch to allow all PS3s to be fully backward compatible? That would be a lot more remarkable.

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