Sunday, October 2, 2011

Takes a Lot of Work to DJ!

I inducted DJ Hero for the PlayStation 3 into my Game Library earlier this week and it came bundled with the turntable controller. I never thought that a game that makes you pretend to be a DJ, mixing up music tracks at the clubs could be so much fun. The turntable controller itself is definitely one of the best music game peripherals ever made because messing around with this thing can be quite enjoyable. I especially love the rotatable platter and the whole thing is even designed to accommodate those who are left handed or right handed. The selection of mixes found in the game itself are addictive to listen as well as play along to but there is an unfortunate side-effect to playing this game too often and too long. My hand and wrist were hurting a bit and I eventually found it almost impossible to scratch the platter while placing my ring finger on the blue button. Perhaps I just don't have the right hand posture on this device - there was no tutorial in the game in regards to the proper hand placement. Perhaps a real DJ would have done this whole thing a lot differently. Maybe I just need to play the game even more to get used to it but I think it is probably better for me to just play DJ Hero in moderation despite it being extremely fun.

S-scratch--s-s-s-s-cratch! Ouch!

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