Friday, October 28, 2011

LoL's Birthday and the Party Pooper

Yesterday was the 2nd birthday for the fantastic League of Legends for the Personal Computer by Riot Games and the company was teasing that there would be something special happening on that day. That special surprise ended up being the release a super special edition "Surprise Party" skin for the champion Fiddlesticks. At first, I thought that the skin was given to everyone for free and then I noticed that it was actually being sold in the store. I was quite disappointed by that but then I quickly realized that it was LoL's birthday, not mine so I shouldn't have expected Riot to be giving out free stuff versus having the fans shelling out some cash to get the limited edition skin. I never played Fiddlesticks before so I didn't feel the need to spend. Fiddlesticks, when played properly, is one of the most annoying and frustrating opponents you can ever face on the Fields of Justice because of his really nasty fear disable + massive area of effect damage combo and the "surprise" theme is perfect as a skin for him. I had to face one yesterday and coupled with the new skin, Fiddlesticks can become even more annoying, especially with all of the crazy fun colors and party blower noises ambushing my team at every turn. I don't ever get angry playing LoL but this new skin really did get my blood boiling a bit - but no, I would never ever rage. That would be so uncouth.

Not the kind of thing you want to see jumping out of cakes, especially from the opposition.


The Gameolio Podcast said...

Oh man it's been such a long time since I've loaded up LoL.

Looking forward to Blizzard DOTA or Valve DOTA?

Loner Gamer said...

Blizzard DOTA looks a bit disappointing - more characters please - but I am looking forward to DOTA 2. Valve needs to send me that beta key already.