Sunday, October 30, 2011

PS Vita: Get Fu@#ed by Sony a Week Early!

Sony is currently offering to release the PlayStation Vita a week early for those who are willing to pre-order the "First Edition Bundle" from Amazonor Best Buy. This is a nice option is you are willing to pay an extra $100 and get a couple of neat things with it like a game, a protective case, and a 4GB memory stick. But then you are also stuck with the 3G model that really doesn't make much logical sense to own. So why the hostile title you ask? Well, ever since I learned that the Vita is going to use a flash-based technology for its physical games and a proprietary memory stick for storage, I became less thrilled by it.

That little deviant thing looks like a money-hungry Sony executive.

Please allow me to explain: the Vita could have gone for a full digital distribution route, especially with the way that it was promoting the PlayStation Network Store as one of the main features for the system - but for whatever reason, Sony decided not to do this. I find this to be totally disappointing. I do expect for full digital distribution to happen to the consoles in 2 more generations but I thought that it would be different for the handhelds because of how games are distributed for mobile phones and tablet devices. Sony is making a big mistake here. The dual approach of selling physical games plus offering a digital version for some of the titles will eventually bite them where the sun doesn't shine. The setup does make sense however when we look at the storage solution for the Vita: the special flash stick that can only be used for the Vita. Sony is greedy, we know this is true. The Vita could have come with an internal memory solution of in the typical 16GB or 32GB increments but why provide that to the customers when they could charge a ton of money from the sales of the specially made memory sticks? Remember, even the awful PSP Go had 16GB of built-in memory! Granted, each physical flash card of the games will have its own allotment of memory for saves and patches but those who rather own digitally distributed games will be in the rut when it comes to getting access to an eventually large, readily available library from the Vita itself. Sony is a complete fool to think that full digital distribution would not work for the Vita since the mobile gaming industry is really flourishing. I have a feeling that this had a lot to do with the failure of the PSP Go. The thing that Sony doesn't realize is that the reason why the Go was totally lame is because there is no way that physical games can be played on it for those who already own a lot of UMDs and newcomers to the system didn't pick it up because the PlayStation Portable scene at the time of the launch was practically dead. I have a feeling that I would end up owning a 3DS with a dual analog stick first before I get my hands on a Vita.

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