Thursday, October 13, 2011

Must Resist Guardian Heroes

Another one of Treasure's gems has made a graphically-enhanced re-release on the X-Box 360 yesterday and that game is Guardian Heroes - a 2D hack and slash action game that first made its appearance on the SegaSaturn. Though this should be a great news for someone like me since I don't mind getting the game again because of the addition to the cleaned up graphics and the widescreen aspect ratio, the problem is that I do not want to pay for X-Box LIVE Gold anymore so I would prefer to get this on the PlayStation 3.  The game is definitely very playable to be traversed alone both for the story mode and the versus mode thanks to the addition of smart artificial intelligence but still, this game should be more of a blast when played cooperatively or competitively with others online. Sega has yet to announce a PlayStation Network Store release for this title but rumors has it that at least it is being put into consideration. I have a feeling though that this one would end up as a X-Box LIVE Arcade exclusive but I will do my best to remain patient and not get the game too quickly because I really don't want to regret that decision later on.

How much time should I wait? One month? Two months? Three maybe?

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