Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Devil is in the Details!

Not too long ago, I shared my extreme excitement about the upcoming November 4th Steam release of Sonic Generations because of its Steamworks implementation and very low $29.99 price. Well, I was thinking of actually pre-ordering the game today until I noticed something suspicious from the very corner of my eyes. The game is shown as being developed by a company called Devil's Details. What?! Who the heck are these guys? Apparently the Personal Computer version is being outsourced instead of being handled by Sonic Team or their typical cohorts. This even sparked an interesting forum thread on Steam. I went to the developer's website - glad to know they at least have one - to check out the gaming history behind this UK-based company. The accomplishments listed don't look very promising - Nutrition Matters? - but they have some good experience in the development process of making console games. Well, this whole thing could mean that: a) Sega went cheap and wanted a little studio to haphazardly handle the port because the main focus will be the sales from the console versions, or b) not a lot of hard work was actually required to release a good PC port thus Sega entrusted the work to these Devil's Details guys. I really hope that it is the latter but my gut feeling is telling me that I should wait for the game to be released and check out the PC gameplay when it is available. Sega can definitely help out the situation by releasing a demo for the game as well. Come on Sega, you know that you cannot mess this up.

It could have been worse. They could have hired Backbone Entertainment...

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