Monday, September 26, 2011

Those 2 Days Didn't Change My Life

Last week, I activated the two day LIVE Gold pass for the X-Box 360. Instead of being reminded of the good things that I could obtain from the service, being back on it had increased my determination that the paid subscription is not worth my time. The problem with paying for access to online multiplayer is that you have to be in sync with everyone else's interest and time. For example, I messaged a friend who plays Culdcept Saga that I was back on Gold and that I could play the game online for two days. The friend then replied that he would like to play on Friday night. I sent the message on Tuesday and I think that the whole Friday thing was probably intentional to punish me for not having Gold but that it is not the point I was trying to make.

5 out of 6 advertised LIVE Gold features are not game releated. Open your eyes, my fellow gamers.

Since I don't use the X-Box 360 for those other frivolous things packaged with the Gold subscription - Netflix, Hulu,, etc. - my access to Gold should solely be for online multiplayer access. The only online game I ended up playing during those two days was Castle Crashers and that was with some random strangers. Unless one only games on the X-Box 360, there should be no reason for one to pay for the Gold subscription, especially if one also plays on the Personal Computer like myself because those other features are so easily accessible for free and are in superior form on the PC. Maybe I sound a little disappointed because I was secretly hoping that my return to Gold was going to be filled with a lot of joy but that didn't happen.What happened instead was a preview of how uneventful things would be if I decided to actually pay for the service, which is something that I do not plan on doing for a very long time.

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