Thursday, September 8, 2011

Next... A Remodeled 3DS!

Thanks to user @south1996 on Twitter, the Internet was on fire yesterday over the magazine picture of the new cradle expansion for the Nintendo 3DS that introduces - oh what a surprise! - a second analog stick to the 3DS. When the PlayStation Vita was announced earlier this year with the dual analog stick setup, I was certain that the 3DS will follow suit if Nintendo wants to keep up with the competition. Even when the system was first unveiled at E3 last year, I criticized the missed opportunity of having the second analog stick! Having two analog sticks will open up so many gameplay possibilities for the system. Sure, controlling things with the touch screen on top of the current control pad and analogue stick is okay but that also means that your finger will always be holding the stylus instead of being button ready to enter command inputs easily. Can you just imagine how great a lot of the older games on the NDS would have played if it had the second analog stick? The cradle expansion will find its first usage with the upcoming Monster Hunter game in Japan but you know what this really means: A new remodeled 3DS is on its way. The one with a second analog stick already built into the device! I will certainly get that 3DS model when it comes out after waiting all this time to get one. Well, don't say I didn't warn you when Nintendo reduced the price of the 3DS recently to entice more people to settle for a handheld without a second analog stick post-Vita announcement.

Buy the cradle, then buy the new model! Nintendo wants your cash!

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