Monday, September 19, 2011

The Very Stubborn Sweet Spot

My non-gamer spouse can be pretty generous when it comes to spoiling me with video games and earlier this evening, I was offered two games at my favorite local gaming store. Having access to my "Purchase List", my spouse suggested Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 as well as Resistance 3 for the PlayStation 3. Now when I decided to stick with my $39.99 or below price limit on game purchases, I originally intended that to only be applicable for games that I would pay out of my own pocket. Thus theoretically, I could have easily gotten away with those games, which cost $59.99 each. Instead, something about it felt wrong... I am so used to my new modus operandi that I just couldn't deter from it anymore. I felt like I was taking advantage of my spouse if I proceeded to the cash register with those titles. After struggling with that thought for nearly 10 minutes, the following were inducted into my Game Library instead:

The alternatives are not too bad eh?

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Kelli said...

that was very sweet of her