Sunday, September 11, 2011

Going for the Antenna Look

I have had the Kinect for almost a year now, which means that I had to look at it sitting right in from of my LCD for quite some time. Not that the Kinect is ugly, mind you, it's just that the camera is a little bulky and it looks rather awkward sitting at the base of my display. Well, I had enough of that, so I decided to get myself a camera mount for it. To my surprise, there are multiple options of this peripheral out there and after perusing through all of them, I decided on CTA Digital's "Universal Camera Clip":

What is unique about this particular mount is that it is specifically designed to hold either the Kinect or the PlayStation Eye cameras. The Kinect snaps into place on the top of the mount while the middle section is hollowed out so that you can slide the PS Eye into it. The clip tightly clasps itself between the top frame of the display as well as the back of the unit. Now that the Kinect is on top of my LCD, I really do prefer it being there. I was worried that it may look a bit distracting but that is not the case at all. The funny thing here is that I will probably place my PS Eye camera at the base of LCD. I just like having access to the convenient dual function of the clip in case I need it in the future.

Room surveillance mode in full effect!

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