Thursday, September 22, 2011

League of Legends: Dominion Beta

When I logged into the League of Legends client on the Personal Computer about an hour ago, there was a 5 minute wait on the login queue. When I finally got through, the reason behind the delay became immediately apparent - Riot Games was beta testing the new Dominion mode.

Oh yeah! The Crystal Scar baby!

After playing my first Dominion game, I must say that it definitely quite an exciting departure from the classic mode. The base-capture goal has given Dominion a really fast-paced and extremely hectic gameplay. To game even starts you off at level 3, thus granting you a point in each of the champion's regular abilities immediately if you choose to do that. The map looks amazing, with its moving structures and its radiant color palate. The new special effects look great as well and the champions even have new animations when they are capturing the base. I ended up losing my first game but it was actually a really close game. In the game, the lead switched back and forth between the teams and near the end, I was sure that my team was going to win until the enemies started capturing almost all the 5 bases on the map in such a dominating fashion.

What a great way to begin the epic battle!

Will this be the main mode of play for LoL where all the players will flock to? That's hard for me to say. Sure Dominion is a lot of fun but it could be a bit too fast for some folks. I definitely see myself playing it but not as much as the original mode because I love the slower build up of the gameplay there. Still, having Dominion will keep LoL's competitions on their toes and I will not be surprised if they will also create a similar play mode in the future if they want people to stop playing LoL exclusively.

Enemies from every direction ~ Scary!

If you are one of those individuals who still haven't played this game yet, the addition of Dominion mode has made this game even more fun! Since I didn't encounter any problems while I was playing this mode, hopefully Riot will decide to finalize its official release soon and you really don't want to miss that out. The game is 100% free unlike those other "free to play" games out there. Click here to open your new summoner account and be a part of the LoL phenomenon!

A very close game! It was quite a thrilling experience.

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