Monday, September 26, 2011

Dominion is Here Already?

With the limited beta sessions last week, it was obvious that the Dominion mode of play for League of Legends on the Personal Computer was ready for full release. There was no lag, no bugs, and the queue to get matched to a game was super fast. With the recent spotlight video focusing on Dominion, it was quite obvious that Riot Games was about to release it soon after and I was expecting it to be rolled out with the next patch which normally occurs on a Tuesday. Riot surprised us all when they have released the new mode today! As in it's available to be played right this moment! And yes, the game is still 100% free even with this completely new way to play - it's like a completely new game! Not a LoL player? Open up your summoner account by clicking here and start playing this game now! Dominion is more action-packed than the classic mode and it is sure to please a lot more people out there!

Now a permanent fixture of the LoL client.
Complete with a picture of Mordekaiser securing a capture point!

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