Friday, September 16, 2011

The Greatness of Free Things

Playing League of Legends on the Personal Computer has been nothing short of a phenomenal experience and this is further enhanced by the fact that Riot Games likes to actually reward you for being dedicated to the game. Doing the Tribunal daily will reward you with Influence Points, which are the currency you can use to unlock things in the game and recently, I even received a new skin for the champion Kayle because I played in at least 10 matches during Season 1 using the matchmaking system! This is no throwaway skin either because the in-game model does look pretty epic. The pattern here is that the more time you spend playing this game, the more you get from it - even without paying a single dime! If you are still not playing LoL, make sure to start immediately by clicking here to create your free summoner profile. The game is 100% free!

A free game should not be THIS generous... But LoL just is!

Speaking of yummy free things, Valve is current offering the original PC version of Portal for free! If you don't have a Steam account, open one up by visiting the official website just to claim your copy of this incredible game! Sure, it's just a $20 value but that's quite a lot compared to the free gifts you get from other game companies. This offer is only valid until the 20th of this month so make your move before it is too late. Don't say no to free things, especially when they are in the form of LoL and Portal!

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