Friday, September 2, 2011

Screw Hitchcock!

Remember that murderous Easter bunny on Direct2Drive? Whether intentional or just a case of bad marketing, it was one of the weirdest ways to attract or repulse a customer ever. Well, Direct2Drive is currently offering game bundle discounts to celebrate the Labor Day weekend and they are trying to set a new standard for themselves again. I present to you... The vengeful stork!

"Yes, I see you. And I am going to come to your house and do horrible things to you."

Not even the cute cartoon storks on both sides of the web page can help us here. As soon as I landed on the page, my gaze was immediately fixed on the dirty, evil mama (papa?) stork whose razor sharp beak even penetrated through the content frame. Why is she so upset with us? What have we ever done to her? Was she a victim of an oil spill? Is she mad because she has to work a crazy amount of overtime to deliver all those bundles of joy? I'm not sure about you, but I am staying as far away as I can from that thing. If Hitchcock was still alive, he would have been inspired to create a movie sequel.

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