Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Riven: A LOL Moment

The upcoming patch for League of Legends on the Personal Computer will introduce another new champion to the roster. Her name is Riven and she has quite a savage history. More savage however was the community's reaction to the original splash art for the champion. It's safe to say that it was ugly... Not just ugly, it was also very, very strange in terms of the overall body composition, facial features, and pose. It was as if the illustrator was tired of drawing another champion splash art. The community discussed their dismay in the official forum and now look what happened... There is a new splash art for the champion! Yes, this is a repeat of what happened to Lux not too long ago. Riot Games really wants to make sure that LoL players are happy. Good for them! I personally think that the new splash art is lacking the details found in the first one. If you are interested in playing Riven or the other 82 awesome champions found in the game, open up your free summoner account by clicking here and unlike other "free to play" games out there, LoL is 100% free to play!

A crazy lunatic or a determined but scarred warrior?

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