Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Radiant Silvergun Re-Release is Here!

Oh my galaxy! My hands are shaking... My heart is pounding fast... I am so glad that I turned on my X-Box 360 tonight because I would have missed out on today's Radiant Silvergun release on LIVE Arcade. I haven't been paying attention to this game's release date because I thought it was not coming out this soon! I already have the SegaSaturn version and this game is my number 2 in my list of Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time. Make sure to check out that list to learn why this game from Treasure is so incredible. I have been looking forward to this re-release because it is supposed to have been graphically improved. I know the on-screen layout looks a lot better from the early reveal and that in itself makes the game worth inducting for me.  If you have never played this game before, it is still the best shoot-'em-up ever made and there is no better time to get it! I think I just heard the 360 popping sound to tell me that the game has just finished downloading. I'm off to go play it!

Yes... Yes... Oh yes!

8:45pm - Quick Review: Even if you have the original SegaSaturn version of the game like I do, this 360 re-release is definitely worth $15. At that price, it's a steal for what is one of the best games ever made. The graphics are cleaned up, sharper, and they look very modern. The original was no slouch but this version looks extraordinary. The animated introduction sequence is now quite stunning as well, free from the video artifact issue we were so very used to on the SegaSaturn. The great thing about Radiant Silvergun is that the engaging story, which further distinct it from the competition, is all self-contained within the gameplay, leaving this version fully intact in the conversion process, unlike the Ikaruga re-release where the real story of the game was left out of context. Playing this game on a widescreen display will benefit you with a clear view of the gameplay area because the HUD has been moved to both the left and right hand side of the screen. This version also allows you to play with Ikaruga chain-mechanics where you don't get stuck chaining only one particular color to further increase your score as long as you continue chaining 3 enemies of the same color. The game also has an online mode but unfortunately, I am not able to try that out. Judging from past experiences with shmup on LIVE, it would probably be unplayable because even a slight lag can ruin the game due to the importance of precision control required for the genre. If you own a 360, there is absolutely no reason for you not to get this game! [RATING: 5 out of 5]

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